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​Hello Texas Giants fans.  All of the current Schnoodle pups are now spoken for.  We are however expecting a February litter of Giant Schnauzers.   These pups will go home in April.  The exact date will be dependent on when they arrive.


               Deposits are being accepted at this time


                                          Giant Schnoodles - 1500.00

                                          Giant Schnauzers - 1500.00

Updated 11/27/16



​Aana ....Merry Christmas!

The Giant Schnauzer is an intelligent, versatile working dog. Like the Giant Schnoodle,  Giant Schnauzers are excellent family pets.

 Our Sire is a black AKC registered Giant schnauzer and our Dams are AKC registered solid black beauties.        

All Giant Schnauzer  pups come with AKC limited registration.

This means that our pups are sold as new members of your family only. we do not offer breeding rights.

Both the Giant Schnauzer and the Giant Schnoodle are known for being great companions for EVERYONE!