• Al Valdes

Hydrogen peroxide

Hello everyone.

We had a situation pop up this week and I would like to post as this may be helpful to our extended family.

Pearlene snuck into the living room while we had some laundry on the couch. She snagged a no see sock and immediately swallowed it.

This can cause an intestinal blockage that can be fatal.

I have work college that had a dog ingest a hand towel unbeknownst to them and the dog did not survive

We called our vet and asked what we may be able to do to mitigate.

He suggested we make her ingest ten cc‘s of peroxide.

This needs to be done as soon as possible. We were fortunate as Laurie saw the infraction in real time.

Pearlene didn’t like it but Laurie was very persuasive...

She , after a short amount of time started to heave and the sock came out. It wasn’t fun for anyone involved but it needed to be expelled.

She is fine now but just want all our families to know that if your dog ingests something that they shouldn’t . Peroxide can be a good answer.

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