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Little Man Tate

As you all may know , we recently had a couple of Schnauzer litters go home. We had one pup who started to act a little off. Lethargic. His belly swelled and was causing some obvious discomfort. By this time they had been on solids for about two weeks. Everyone else was fine.

I took him to our vet and he seemed to get a little better that night. The next morning though, he was obviously worse. I took him to the emergency hospital and they determined that he had ingested something and it was causing a blockage. I.V.'s and blood transfusions, meds, observation.

He is home and doing better. His size is less than his siblings at the moment but I'm not worried as he is genetically predisposed to a specific size when mature. The best we can figure is that one of our adults got a stuffed toy and pulled all the white stuffing out of it and this pup ingested some of it.

Doing a little research , there are several types of stuffing. Natural stuffing can be made of cotton, corn fiber, eucalyptus, wool etc. Natural stuffing in general causes fewer problems if ingested but is also the most expensive.

Our destroyed toy had synthetic stuffing that was most likely polyester.

So, sorry if a little long winded but just want all to be aware of what their dog toys are made of and if you see your pup eviscerating one of his favorites please dispose of it before anything bad can be ingested into the G. I. tract.

This was about an 8000.00 dollar lesson for us and I wouldn't want any of our families to have to go through this.

Make your day! Hug a dog.


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Feb 10, 2023

Al, I am considering getting another pup - a male. Maybe a little smaller than my Hank, who weighed 120 pounds. A REALLY BIG Skanson! You still have my deposit on the sweet puppy I had to return. I lost Hank in July. He was 13. Do you ever have Schnoodles? They seem to be a bit smaller.

Wanda Brice

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