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Living With Giants

Well, it looks like Barrett, like his namesake is proving to be very reliable.

We are expecting an early June litter. Mom will be Mavis. Stay tuned.

We would be interested to know how our Texas Giants community is holding up under the current conditions. As you may know, Laurie and I feed our pups a raw diet. It is getting difficult to purchase our normal quantities as my usual source is the local Walmart or Aldi's.

It's not unusual for me to procure 120 to 150 pounds of chicken leg quarters at a time. We have done this weekly for the past several years. In todays environment it could appear that I am hoarding.

We also buy our organ meats , hearts, livers, kidneys and tripe from Texas Tripe . They are out of Detroit Texas and have weekly routes. Laurie has discovered that they also offer bulk chicken leg quarters and chicken backs. 40 pounds per box and it comes in one large plastic bag so you do have to separate it and repackage it. It comes hard frozen so it can be in a trunk or pickup bed for sometime before it starts to thaw.

These guys have been a Godsend and we are grateful to have discovered them.

With the weather turning cold and wet I have started treadmill training the adults.

Georgia is the most familiar with this and it seems like 3.5mph is her sweet spot.

This speed lets her go fast enough to trot but not run. I like everyone to stay on for one mile at a time. I started Maude and she seems to be catching on pretty quickly. we got up to 2.1 which is about as fast as our normal walk. Scarlett is a little more cautious and we could do no more than 1mph. She stayed on for 30 minutes and at the end of the session I could see that she was becoming more comfortable with this new form of exercise.

Ok, thats it for now Everyone please stay safe and stay home as much as possible.


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