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October 2022

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Hello all, finally some cooler weather.

The Schnauzers are very appreciative. They aren't immediately asking to go back in the AC. Everyone is doing well.

We have joined a local raw feeders co-op called Ross Wells and the dogs are taking well to the blend. The brand is Titan. It has all the important components in just the right ratios. Protein-organ meat-bone. Hat tip and a big thank you to the organization. ( Thank you Cindy Gordon ! )

We currently have two girls in heat which, if all goes well should produce two December litters. Go home would be early February. Also , we are retiring one of our girls, Mavis. She turned four in September and has been to professional obedience training. She has a great personality and some amusing quirks. We will be selective. Contact me for more information.


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