• Al Valdes

October 2022

Updated: Oct 15

Hello all, finally some cooler weather.

The Schnauzers are very appreciative. They aren't immediately asking to go back in the AC. Everyone is doing well.

We have joined a local raw feeders co-op called Ross Wells and the dogs are taking well to the blend. The brand is Titan. It has all the important components in just the right ratios. Protein-organ meat-bone. Hat tip and a big thank you to the organization. ( Thank you Cindy Gordon ! )

We currently have two girls in heat which, if all goes well should produce two December litters. Go home would be early February. Also , we are retiring one of our girls, Mavis. She turned four in September and has been to professional obedience training. She has a great personality and some amusing quirks. We will be selective. Contact me for more information.


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