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Schnauzer Mischief

So we have one retired girl still with us. Ms. Georgia. We love her to death but....even with her being a little heavy she somehow manages to contort her body and escape our ornamental fenced yard. The distance between the metal rods can't be more than five inches.

I'm not sure ( yet ) but I think she starts doing a Shaman chant and after a few moments she appears on the other side of the fence.

Once she's on the other side she runs far far away......all the way to my front door.

She is happiest if she has found some stagnant water or a recently deceased bunny to roll around on just prior to me opening the front door for her.

So......In an effort to contain her Laurie bought a fancy blow up Elezibethan collar. It spans at least a foot in circumference. This ought to teach her a lesson , huh.

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