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Stella may be early

Hello everyone. Well, Stella's temperature dropped a few degrees yesterday. This is a good indicator that labor will start within the next 24 hours. She wasn't interested in food and preferred to just curl up and rest virtually all day on her comfy bed. I took her out this morning. She had a normal poop and she ate about a third cup of our raw blend.

My wife called a moment ago and said she took her out and this time the stool was a bit runny. This is their body clearing everything out in preparation for the puppies arrival. She is not yet panting or acting anxious so I think it will likely be tomorrow. They typically have the first pup late at night , 10 , 11ish , and then deliver about every 45 minutes to two hours till done. The last time she started about 2 in the afternoon and was done by 6. That would be nice but we're not counting on it.

Stay tuned!

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